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Guardian Angels - a Syd/Vaughn 'shipper comm

Fans of Sydney Bristow & Michael Vaughn

Guardian Angels
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Fans of Sydney Bristow & Michael Vaughn

Like Alias? More specifically, like the Sydney/Vaughn relationship? If so, come on in!

Be it full on 'shipper, or just a fan of the friendship and/or working relationship, this community is for all fans of Sydney & Vaughn. We welcome any posts about Sydney, Vaughn, their relationship, the actors that bring them to life (however NO GOSSIP), or even generalised Alias tidbits. But the focus here will be on Syd & Vaughn. :)

Rules & Guidelines

  1. Sydney/Vaughn: This is a Sydney/Vaughn community so the focus should be on Sydney and Vaughn's relationship with each other, be it friendship, working relationship, or romantic relationship. Fics and/or discussion that pair Vaughn with another character (eg Vaughn/Alice) or Sydney with another character (eg Sydney/Sark) aren't appropriate for this comm. Any such posts will be deleted without warning.

  2. Flaming: No flaming - let's try and keep this all fun, please?

  3. Discussion on Jennifer & Michael: We have a strict NO GOSSIP policy. The private lives of the actors are off limits. Discussion on the actors themselves should be limited to topics such as the characters they played in Alias, how much chemistry they have in the series and with each other as Sydney & Vaughn, talking about their roles in other series/movies, etc. Discussion about their private lives is STRICTLY FORBIDDEN.

  4. Community/Website promo: Posts promoting fan websites are allowed and encouraged (this also goes for fanfiction archives and other sites which have a direct S/V slant or are Alias-oriented). Posts promoting other LJ comms are not allowed (I can suggest community_promo for that) UNLESS the comm is related to Sydney/Vaughn. Posts promoting websites/message boards/comms for roleplaying and the like are also not allowed. Any posts such as these will be deleted.

  5. Images: Pics (fanart, other graphics, promo photos etc) are more than welcome, but if you include more than one per post, please use an LJ-cut.

  6. Icons: Similarly, icon posting is very much encouraged however if you have more than about 5 in a post, please LJ-cut the post and/or provide a link to where the icons are available.

  7. Spoilers: Considering the series has now ended (and has been finished for a while!) spoiler warnings for any episodes no longer need to be included.

  8. Fanfiction: Fic is DEFINITELY welcome. If you've got some S/V fic, please post! Post the header (title, author name, etc) first, but please LJ-cut the rest of the story... it makes it easier to read than having to scroll for ages and ages. :) An idea of the type of information to include in your header should be things like:


    Anything else you'd like to include in the header is entirely up to you. :)

    Still regarding fanficton, fic recommendations are more than welcome - we'd love to hear about a great S/V fic you've read so please share the link!

  9. Tags: We have a set of generic tags now to use when posting entries. Please try to remember to use these - it makes it easier in locating certain posts further down the track (especially if they happen to be links to fanfiction or fanvids). You can find the full list here.

Miscellaneous Community Information

Maintainer: sg1padawan. If you have any problems, don't hesitate to contact me. :)

Questions? Comments? Contact sg1padawan @ sg1padawan[at]gmail[dot]com.


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